Bumper Repair

Auto City specializes in bumper repair and refinishing.  If you have recently bumped into something with your automobile and it may have been dented, cracked, scratched, scuffed, or the paint is peeling then you need our bumper repair service. Bumper repair is alot more affordable than replacing the bumper. Many Auto body repair companies will tell you that you need to replace the bumper, however Auto City makes it affordable and easy to fix those problems.

Bumper Replacement start at $200 plus part and paint material.
Bumper Repair starts at $200 plus paint and material.

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Autobody Restoration

Is your cars paint beyond the point of saving? Does it need a complete restoration? We have you covered at Auto City. Offering affordable painting solutions, we’ll get you back on the road in no time with a brand new professional paint job.

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